BFA Arbitration Committee Launches Online Courses

Bermuda Football Association [BFA] The Referees Committee has announced the launch of an online referee coaching platform.

A spokesperson said: “The Association has formed a partnership with E-Coach, to develop the program online to attract more match officials. This platform will allow aspiring officials to complete the aspect online class at their own pace.

“Once completed, they will receive a Certificate of Completion from the association, and then they will be eligible to begin hands-on training sessions with our instructors. The course is available online at

“There are three courses on the site: the full referee qualification course, the futsal referee course and the youth level course. Participants answer quizzes at the end of each module and support is provided if needed. »

“The Referees Committee is hopeful that this new platform can be adopted by schools, clubs and the general public,” said referee manager Crenstant Williams. “The committee is optimistic that this new partnership will allow more people to sign up to become referees and help improve the sport.”

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