Best Online Courses to Learn SEO

Since the dawn of the internet and the birth of search engines, entrepreneurs and would-be businesspeople have been looking for ways to build their own online businesses and monetize them. Early on, these online merchants discovered that it was not enough to simply create a website and add content to it; if they really wanted to become profitable, they had to grab the attention of search engines and prove their worth by ranking at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

In the early days of the Internet, ranking high on search engine pages required a solid working knowledge of search engine optimization – also known as SEO. SEO involved the art of determining what algorithms engines like Google used to rank their website listings, and then optimizing your website to appease (or align) with those algorithms.

Since then SEO has grown in leaps and bounds and now has many offshoots including digital marketing, internet marketing, social media optimization, local SEO, technical SEO, international SEO, content strategy – the list is long. Whatever niche you choose to pursue – or whether you choose a broad approach like digital marketing – the fact remains that at some point education has to come into play. Relying on tutorials like those hosted here on HTMLGoodies or online forums, taking an online SEO course can also help you learn everything you need to know to please Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Online courses to learn digital marketing and SEO

To help budding internet marketers, content strategists, and others interested in online marketing get started, we’ve compiled a list of the best online courses to learn SEO. For the purposes of this tutorial, we will use expressions such as SEO, digital marketingand online marketing indifferently. Note, however, that there are considerable differences between each of these types of search engine marketing, which we highlight in these articles:

That being said, here is our list.

SEO Training Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced SEO from Udemy

The first course on our list is a doozy. Offered by Online Classroom, Udemy, The SEO Training Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced SEO The course includes 16 hours of on-demand SEO training videos. Students will begin by learning how to conduct SEO keyword research, use the Google Keyword Tool, and create a keyword list for your website.

From there, the course moves into on-page and blogging SEO topics, including more advanced keyword strategies. Learn the difference between long-tail and short-tail keywords and what “evergreen” content means. Google penalties and SEO for other platforms, such as WordPress, Wix, and Shopify, are also covered.

In the last two parts of this online course, off-page SEO, link building, mobile SEO, voice SEO, and technical SEO are covered. Students will also gain hands-on experience using several popular SEO tools, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yoast SEO plugin, and more.

To register for this course, visit its listing on Udemy: SEO Training Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced SEO.

YouTube SEO Search Engine Optimization for Udemy Success

Despite what many may think, Google isn’t actually the biggest search engine in the world. Truth be told, more searches are done daily on the YouTube video platform than anywhere else. For this reason, we felt it was important to offer at least one online course specializing in YouTube optimization. For that, we turned to Udemy’s YouTube SEO Search Engine Optimization for Success Classes.

This YouTube SEO course is relatively short, weighing in at four and a half hours. It begins by discussing keyword phrases and keyword research as it relates to videos. From there, students learn how to create optimized YouTube titles and video descriptions. Next, two unique case studies are examined, before the course concludes with a host of marketing tips and tricks specifically related to video content.

You can sign up for this course by visiting its Udemy listing: YouTube SEO Search Engine Optimization for Success.

Udemy’s Complete SEMRush Course

Learning the right SEO tools can make or break a career as a digital marketer. If you’re a fan of HTMLGoodies and our SEO tutorials and tool reviews, then you’ll no doubt have seen our coverage of the popular SEO software known as SEMRush. Arguably one of the best search engine optimization tools on the market, SEMRush has a ton of features that can take a little time to learn just because there are so many to choose from.

The Complete the SEMRush course targets students and marketers who want to learn the ins and outs of SEMRush. In addition to learning the marketing software interface, students will also learn how to set up projects and track websites, identify (and copy) competitor SEO strategies through competitor analysis , find backlink opportunities, optimize content, and uncover website issues that might affect your ability to rank in the SERPs.

The online SEO course lasts nearly six hours and comes with a certificate upon completion. You can learn more about the class and register by visiting its Udemy page: Complete the SEMRush course.

SEO Audit: Find and Fix Common Udemy SEO Issues

Once you have a basic understanding of search engine optimization best practices and techniques, you might want to dig a little deeper. One direction you can take is to learn how to perform an SEO audit of your site. SEO audits involve examining every element of your website and marketing strategy to uncover flaws and problems with your site. To help you learn how to perform a site audit, Udemy has developed the SEO Audit: Find and Fix Common SEO Issues Classes.

Although the course is only two hours long, many SEO audit techniques are covered, including:

  • Tools for SEO audits
  • SEO technical elements
  • Auditing an XML sitemap
  • How to test page speed
  • Common On-Page SEO Mistakes
  • How to Find Broken Links, Thin Content, Duplicate Content, and 404 Pages
  • how to analyze internal link structures and backlink profiles

The course includes a certificate of completion and an SEO audit checklist, which is handy for making sure you’ve covered all the bases in your SEO audits and SEO exams. To enroll in this essential internet marketing course, visit its listing on Udemy: SEO Audit: Find and Fix Common SEO Issues.

Local SEO: Local Business Marketing Guide

Another “specialty” area of ​​search engine optimization and digital marketing involves local SEO, which is a process of optimizing your website for local businesses and local keywords. Udemy has an excellent online class covering the subject called Local SEO: Local Business Marketing Guide.

This course is five hours long and teaches local SEO topics including:

  • How to Optimize and Rank Local Business Websites
  • How to increase geographic relevance
  • How to Do Keyword Research for Local Keywords
  • How to Create Citations and Ranking for Map Pack

You can enroll in the local digital marketing course by visiting its Udemy page: Local SEO: Local Business Marketing Guide.

Udemy’s Complete Certificate Course in Social Media Marketing

No SEO course list would be complete if it didn’t include at least one class for social media optimization. Udemy has a course called Social Media Marketing which is used for this purpose. With two and a half hours of on-demand video content and 16 articles, this SMO course covers the following areas of social media optimization:

  • Social Media Foundations
  • Basics of Social Media Optimization for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Social media for customer service and public relations
  • Social media audit techniques
  • The Basics of Content Marketing and Social Media Etiquette

Learn more about this social media marketing course by visiting its listing on Udemy: Complete Certificate Course in Social Media Marketing.

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