AWS Free Online Courses Now Available on

AWS Free Online Courses on Cloud, Machine Learning, and Big Data Available to Interested Students and Professionals on

Free AWS online courses have been made available to interested students and professionals on The move is one of four initiatives announced by Amazon Web Services to empower learners and enable anyone interested in learning to access free cloud computing skills training and unlock new career opportunities in the cloud, according to a press release from the company. .

The four initiatives announced recently include the launch of AWS Skill Builde, which is a new digital learning experience, the addition of AWS courses to the website, the expansion of the global AWS re / Start requalification program and the opening of the AWS Skills Center, which is Amazon’s first dedicated in-person cloud learning space. AWS’s free online courses are available to anyone interested by simply logging into the Amazon website.

Free AWS Online Courses Available Now

Currently, the following courses are available at no cost to interested participants:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials: Cloud Essentials online course.
  • Introduction to the Amazon RDS Service: Online Database Course.
  • Introduction to AWS Solutions: Cloud Essentials Online Course.
  • Data Analytics Fundamentals: Online course in Data Analytics or Big Data.
  • AWS Lambda Foundations: Serverless Online Course.
  • Machine Learning for business challenges, and more.

Classes are currently only accessible through laptops or desktops, AWS explains. “Our goal is to empower anyone who wants to learn by giving them access to the tools they need to excel in cloud computing careers. Over the next decade, we predict that the adoption of cloud computing in all industries will generate a large number of new jobs, which is why we are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to develop online courses, local programs in-person retraining and new methods. to make it easy for anyone to learn cloud skills, ”said Maureen Lonergan, vice president of training and certification at AWS.

Benefits of Taking Free AWS Online Courses

According to Amazon, AWS free online courses offer the following benefits:

  • Intuitive and engaging learning with videos, downloadable files and knowledge checks.
  • There are courses for everyone, beginners, intermediates and advanced.
  • Classes can be taken by busy professionals as there are several classes of less than 60 minutes.
  • The courses were organized by experts from Amazon.

Interested participants are invited to go through the official site to learn more and also register for free online courses from AWS.