Aquiline Drones offers online courses at state colleges and universities

Aquiline Drones will offer an online pilot certification program to all colleges and universities in the state starting this fall, the company said.

Hartford-based drone technology maker Aquiline Drones announced in July that it had signed a multi-year contract to offer online drone pilot certification at all 17 institutions in the Connecticut State College and University system.

The online training program consists of two semester-long courses, company officials said, which includes preparing students to become Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified drone pilots.

According to the company, Aquiline Drones created its “Flight to the Future” online drone pilot training program during the pandemic.

The first course – Introduction to Commercial Drones – will guide students through the commercial drone process, FAA regulations, aerodynamics, aviation, weather theory, operating requirements, and safe piloting procedures commercial drones while preparing them for the FAA Commercial Drone Pilot Part 107 exam, the company said.

The second course – Cloud Connected Drone Operations – will introduce digital technologies that enable cloud-connected commercial drone operations, unmanned aerial systems, videography, instructions for creating a business plan, and information on developing career flying commercial drones.

The first course is a prerequisite for the second, unless a student already has their FAA Part 107 license.

It has been an active year for Aquiline Drones. The company announced in January that it was opening its own insurance subsidiary to insure its products, services and those of its affiliates. The company created Aquiline Drones Indemnity Corporation, which it presents as the first insurance subsidiary created by an American drone manufacturer.

In April, Aquiline announced that it was adding private charter flights from Brainard Airport under its new division, AD Airlines.

The trips, which were due to begin in June, include all-inclusive flights from Brainard Airport in Hartford to Block Island, Long Island, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Island.