Another variant of Covid? Podcasts, online courses to study viruses, how to fight them

Since the Covid-19 epidemic, there have been many variants of the virus. The results, published last in the journal Science of the Total Environment, indicate that while Delta wiped out the variants that came before it, Omicron did not wipe out the deadly variant that may reappear. As part of preparation, and also for knowledge, there are various online courses and podcasts that not only teach about Covid but several other viruses ranging from influenza to Ebola.

Introduction to COVID-19: detection, prevention, response and control methods – WHO

This self-paced course teaches candidates about the coronavirus and its different variants. The impact that Covid can have, ranging from the common cold to more serious illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), is included in this online programme. The course provides a general introduction not only to Covid-19, but also to emerging respiratory viruses.

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Viruses and how to defeat them: cells, immunity, vaccines – Tel Aviv University

This course, available on edX, will teach candidates how the cells in our body work to keep us healthy. It will explore the different types of viruses, including influenza, AIDS and Ebola. This includes the composition of cellular structures and their functions, what happens to our body when infected with viruses, how the immune system works, and the pros and cons of vaccination. The course is available for Rs 11,369 and is self-paced.

Prevention of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections – SWAYAM

This ICMR program educates the general public about the nature and spread of respiratory infectious diseases as well as their prevention and management. It also includes the kind of infection it can cause like cold, cough, high fever and shortness of breath while in severe cases, patients may even need to be hospitalized and avoid it. The course is taught by Dr Hemalatha R and Dr Raja Sriswan Mamidi from ICMR.

Mind control: Managing your mental health during COVID-19 – University of Toronto

As the name suggests, the course will provide a deeper understanding of the anxiety response as it relates to various aspects of our current lives, ranging from our consumption of information to how we talk about it to our children. It will also give clear strategies to manage and deactivate the anxiety reaction at least for short periods. The program is available on Coursera and will take approximately three hours. It is available on Coursera.

COVID-19 Podcasts – University of Minnesota

With 101 episodes to date, this podcast from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) features discussion and analysis of the latest Covid-19 developments by Dr. Michael Osterholm and host Chris Dall . From the impact on reopening schools to mental health to preparedness and response, everything related to the virus is covered in this podcast.

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