After Racist Powerpoint Slide, Clark County Library Revises Room Rental Policy

Las Vegas-Clark County Library District officials said they plan to review their room rental policy after a private event held Sunday at the Clark County Library featured a racist slide in a presentation by the founder of the Vegas CCW group.

During the event – where the guest list included prominent Republican elected officials and presidential candidates – Nephi Khaliki Oliva, firearms instructor listed as the founder of the Vegas CCW Concealed Firearms Training Group, presented a slide titled “Firearm Safety for Black People”. A so-called “rule” for black people carrying guns was “Always lick the chicken fat off your fingers before shooting.” The comments drew laughter from the audience, with videos of the incident posted online.

The slide sparked outrage on social media after being publicized by the left-wing Twitter account @patriottakesand Khaliki, who is Afghan-American, sought to defending himself on twitter on wednesday describing the presentation as humor, calling themselves a minority, and pointing to a previous slide “Firearm Safety for White People.” Vegas CCW had rented a room at the library on East Flamingo Road for its annual mass event to promote concealed carry.

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District replied on Tuesdaytweeting that he “condemns racism and hate speech of any kind”.

“This gathering (including presenters and content) was a private rental event at one of our libraries,” the district wrote. “It in no way represents the opinions or views of the Library District.”

Featured special guests included many Republicans: gubernatorial candidate and North Las Vegas mayor John Lee; gubernatorial candidate Joey Gilbert; candidate for Treasurer and Las Vegas City Councilman Michele Fiore; candidate for Clark County Sheriff, Assemblyman Tom Roberts (R-Las Vegas); US Senate candidate Sharelle Mendenhall; and candidate for Congressional District 3 Noah Malgeri.

Amid public backlash against the racist slide, several of the promoted guests responded, including Gilbert, who tweeted that he did not attend the event.

“The slide that was used during the CCW class that I was invited to attend, but did not attend and had no involvement with anything, is heinous and I condemn the blatant racism,” he wrote.

Fiore, likewise, was not present, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. Roberts, who was present and spoke at the end of the course, replied on Twitterclaiming that he had not seen the slide, but would “not use it or condone it”.

Malgeri said on Twitter that he never attended one of Khaliki’s classes, but defended the presenter’s use of humor.

“I understand that his presentation included content aimed at several different groups represented in the audience, but that he was mostly directing his humor at himself,” Malgeri said. “The constant attacks of ‘moral outrage’ on free speech and comedy in particular have become tiresome and are resoundingly rejected by most ordinary people, including me.”

In a statement to NewsweekMendenhall said she only gave a “quick speech” in support of the covert postponement before leaving.

Lee did not immediately respond to a request for comment submitted to his campaign.