9-Year-Old Creates a PowerPoint to Convince His Parents to Buy an Xbox

I’m sure I’m not the only one who had a little trouble when they were younger convincing their parents that video games are a good idea, in fact. We see ideas floated all the time by broader media and older people that gaming is bad for people (especially children) and emphasizes violent and graphic content – and those thoughts can stick with people.

Personally, I remember the struggle well – from the age of about five, all I wanted was to own my own handheld and play a little Mario, but my parents, who didn’t really know video games than like gritty, bloody shooters, were less than satisfied. With a bit of perseverance (and probably a lot of annoyance) they eventually came back, but after going through this experience, I can’t help but identify with this kid, who went viral online for trying to convince his parents to let him get an Xbox in the most fun way.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, be sure to check out this amazing carbon fiber Xbox controller below.

The video was shared on TikTok by the child’s mother, who explained, “My son wanted an Xbox One for his 9th birthday[,] so he created a PowerPoint himself to plead his case. In the presentation, he adorably explains that he wants the console so he can play with his dad. He adds that he really wants to play Madden NFL 22 (which he points out is not violent), and even includes a link at the end of his slides to help his parents buy the console.

Obviously, her presentation skills did the trick, as in the mum’s next TikTok post, the child is surprised by the console on her birthday – with Madden NFL 22 and NBA 2K15 – and his reaction is too pure. “We were very impressed with your PowerPoint presentation, and you are a good boy. I love you, happy birthday,” her mother said. From aww.

In the update video, the youngster also gets a second controller as a gift, so we can only assume he’s been having a lot of fun playing with his dad since then. You absolutely love to see it.