9 certified online courses to help college


University: Academic life is full of challenges and new learning. And, in this course, the online courses represent an invaluable help for the students, in particular to cope with the so-called overtime that each student must accomplish.

To help students, we have put together a list of certified online courses that can be used for this purpose. All of the options come from Udemy, with different themes and durations for you to check out.

Excel Course for University Students – Practical Excel for Beginners

Excel is one of the most versatile tools that can help many types of students and professionals. The Beginner’s Practical Course is a certified option for students of any course, as mastering spreadsheets can help in many areas of expertise.

This course will cover the basics of Excel, exploring an understanding of the tools available to students. However, this Udemy track will also cover more advanced topics, such as using functions to create more complex spreadsheets.

Course Creating dynamic and interactive presentations with PowerPoint

If Excel is an indispensable tool for any professional and student, so is PowerPoint. After all, it is not difficult to imagine a situation in which we will have to present an idea, a proposal or even an academic work.

This Udemy course will teach students to create dynamic slides with interactive effects. In addition, it will also teach several tips and shortcuts for the student to become a master of presentations.

Course How to prepare a research project: from topic to program

Specially intended for University students, this certificate course will help students create the famous research projects for TCC. The idea is to introduce students to the methods and good practices to be followed in order to prepare an academic work of excellent quality.

Business communication course

An indispensable skill for the modern world is communication, especially with the advent of so many means of virtual interaction. Among so many online courses, this is another essential element for teaching students and professionals how to communicate effectively in business, using persuasive techniques and with great confidence.

Course study strategies: productivity, concentration and memory

Productivity, concentration and memory. These are other important characteristics for a professional or University student. In this course, which is yet another course option for overtime, students will learn these skills so essential for any profession and academic field. The idea of ​​this course is to go from theory to practice in courses that go straight to the essential and without fuss.