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With the advancement of technology, many career opportunities have opened up. This is also true for the gaming industry and video game development has become a lucrative job opportunity. According to Statista reports, the video game industry will have a valuation of USD 268.81 billion in 2025. The video game opportunity is huge right now and if you have an interest in game development and that If you can’t wait to try your hand at you can enroll in the following five online courses to lay the foundations of game development.

1. Complete C# Unity 2D Game Developer

With this course, you can learn C# which is a powerful programming language. The best part of this course is that the learner does not even need any programming experience to learn this course. With this course, you can create a solid foundation for game development and design that will help you develop your own games. These skills can also be displayed when Government Jobs maintenance to obtain a good Sarkari Result also. By taking this course, you can create a game project that will give you a sense of accomplishment. The coding skills acquired during this course are also transferable to develop other programs. With Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D, the learner will become a pro in using the Unity game engine. The prerequisite to start the course is only a computer or laptop with Unity 2019 or later and a willingness to learn to code.

2. Introduction to Game Development with Unity

This game development course is available on edX and the estimated duration of the course is approximately six weeks. Unity is the most popular reason for making games. For this course, however, you will need basic programming knowledge. Having the basic programming language will help you go through the course smoothly. By following this course, the learner will become familiar with the Unity interface, fundamental elements of the Unity engine and in addition to this, the learner will also develop his first game.

3. Game Design and Development with the Unity 2020 Specialization

This course is an excellent course to launch a career in game development and design. This course is available on Coursera and is offered by Brian Winn of Michigan State University. In this course, the learner will be able to design and develop 2D games and 3D games. Additionally, this course will help the learner become familiar with the game design and development process. The four types of games that the learner can develop using this course are 2D shooter, 2D platformer, first person shooter and 3D platformer. This course is designed to start a career as a level designer, game designer, technical artist, technical designer, producer and programmer.

4. Video game design and development: introduction to game programming

This course is offered by Abertay University and is available on Future Learn. With this course, the learner will learn the basics of video game programming. The duration of the course is two weeks. During the first week the learner will become familiar with the elements of the game loop, user input, rendering, delta time, sprites, animation, forces, collision detection and tile rendering. During the second week, the learner will learn the for loop, while loop, conditional statements, data storage, function and passing parameters. Also, the learner will be offered the various career opportunities available in the gaming industry.

5. Create video games with Phaser.js

This course is available at Code Academy. This course will work well even for beginners. Anyone who wants to build their own game and learn more about JavaScript and Phaser.js should take this course. After completing this course, the learner will be able to create a game from scratch. In addition to this by using Javascript, the user will be able to learn how to add creative interactive elements, and also, one can also use phaser.js, which is the most popular HTML5 game framework.

Depending on the programming language you want to learn to develop a game, you can take one of these five courses. Whichever course you choose, you’ll be able to lay the foundations of game development and design for sure.